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інтернет-версії електронних
навчальних атласів,
підручників від провідних
авторів, контурних карт,
стінних карт, методичні
розробки уроків,
рекомендації та багато
іншої корисної інформації.







Курсы наличного обмена на сегодня


IMTA - International Map Making Trading Association unites all producers of cartographic goods in the world and organizes annual conferences and exhibitions in different cities
Institute of Advanced Technologies became the member of this Association in 2001.
Since 2003 the Institute has been taking part in all competitions for cartographic products.









Year 2003 , Budapest, Hungary
The 10rd Conference-Exhibition of IMTA
Nomination: The Best Wall Map of  the Year  2002.
the Second Prize: Wall Map of the World м. 1:22 000 000
(Institute of Advanced Technologies)


 This achievement could happen thanks to the use of modern technologies. Space shooting was put in the foundation of the depiction of the Earth surface. The relief of the bottom of the world ocean was produced

by means of a chiaroscuro plastic art, which causes the

effect of observing the Earth from the Space.

 This presentation corresponds to tendencies in the development of  modern cartography











Year 2004, Tour, France
11th Conference-Exhibition of IMTA
Nomination"The Best Atlas of Year 2003".
Second Prize: "The Atlas of the Autonomous Crimean Republic"
(Institute of Advanced Technologies)




The Contents of the Maps and GIS preparations of this Atlas were worked out in Tavryisky National University named after V.I.Vernadsky. It was scientifically edited in the Institute of Geography  of  Ukrainian  National Academy of Sciences, and the geoinformational workout and  the computing preparations for the edition were performed in IAT.









 Year 2005, London, Great Britain
12th Conference-Exhibition of IMTA
Nomination:"The Digital Cartography of Year 2004".
First Prize: Digital Atlas "Geography of continents and

 oceans" for the 7th Grade of secondary school.

Institute was also awarded with the Cup for

the best Cartographical work published in 2004,

 which is the highest award of the cartographers.




It was the first time in the History of Ukrainian Cartography that  Ukrainian enterprise - the Joint Stock Company "Institute of Advanced Technologies"  was considered to be the best Map-Making Production of Europe, Asia, Middle East and was awarded with the main prize in the nomination "Digital Cartography" for the Best Digital  Atlas  "Geography of continents and oceans" for the 7th Grade of secondary school.










                                                     Year 2007, Salzburgh, Austria
14th Conference-Exhibition of IMTA
Nomination:“The Digital Cartography ”.
Golden Award : Digital Atlas “World    
History” for the 10th Grade of
secondary school.





All achievements of the Institute are connected with the implementation of digital technologies in cartographical Production in Ukraine. All this manifests the entry of Ukraine into the elite of Map Makers

of the World



Щорічний міський новорічний ярмарок
в ТЦ «Даринок»





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